EDO Hash House Harriers (also known as EDOH3 is one of the “Kennels” (as known in the Hash parlance)

in the eyebrow of the metropolitan city of Benin Nigeria.

It had its first run on 13th December 2018 with a total of 6 hashers who all decide to Hare the run being its first and

maiden edition, these hashers were Navigator, OneTrouble, Away run, Night nurse (Port harcourt)

lick it, and a nameless hasher who had just joined.

EDOH3 soon got an Alia’s known as the kennel of the *mighty men & women due to the fact that very few hashers do major projects or organize major events as if they were far more than their numbers.

EDOH3 is the daughter kennel of BCH3 and her birth was hugely necessitated by the fact that at that time, many new hashers started coming for runs all the way from the GRA, a huge distance from the usual Ugbowo, isior areas as at then so the decision to create a kennel within the GRA bore great fruits.


The logo of EDOH3 is a very unique one with the traditional Benin royal elements (the Ada and Ebe)

at the center of it being the symbol of the Edo culture, tradition and philosophy,

with a prominent gold and black design, depicting, respect for tradition,

merriment, unity and friendship above.

EDOH3 runs on Fridays, twice in a month mostly on urban or metropolitan trails,

with trails marked with Chalk and often moderate distances.

Rego is always set at N1,000

Average run span right from the announcement of the “on-on-out back to the circle (point origin)

is often between 25 – 30 minutes of intense running, brisk walking, chanting of hash songs and

drinking with a lot of excitement, pulp and pageantry.

The original home base of EDOH3 is Akhionbare Navigators bar in GRA, off Ihama Benin city.


The original home base of EDOH3 is Akhionbare Navigators bar in GRA, off Ihama Benin city.

EDOH3 mismanagement has a calendar tenure of 2 years and is known for its mega hash calendar

bi-annual event known as the EDOH3 BEER FESTIVAL

The kennel has had two Hash masters over it’s years of inauguration, immediate past being

HM Navigator and currently run by HM OneTrouble

EDOH3 welcomes all hashers from all over the world as it co-hosts the

2024 Edition of NASH HASH here in the ancient city of Benin.


HM OneTrouble

HM OneTrouble

The HM functions as a ringleader for this half-mind circus. when not putting out fires, they try to do as little as possible.




Hash Cash/Hash Flash

Hash Cash/Hash Flash - Mysterious

Hash Cash collects the money, keeps the stats, cooks the books, and makes sure we are always in the black.

RA- Away Run


The RA holds court on hash days, blessing the hares before trail and running circle.



HABERDASH - ItchyFinger

Haberdashery makes sure there are always shirts and other hash gear to purchase for all the local and visiting hashers.



The most important member of the team !


Hash socials - Big Babby Girl

Is a member of the mismanagement that organizes all the event’s and modalities of EDOH3 when there is a social event’s or extra ordinary run event’s other than normal run’s.

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